Thursday, December 12, 2013


So I bring this up for those of you who do or don't know.
1. PLEASE be careful about tagging me in things related to what I may have expressed to you in private of what I am going through. I don't want everyone knowing my life (believe it or not, there is a LOT more going on than I ever put here).
2. PLEASE do NOT assume that chronic illnesses are a "quick fix" just by something you've heard recently. The 4-5 doctors I see each 1-2 months (if not monthly) and I have worked VERY hard to get me where I am today.
3. Unless you are PERSONALLY a doctor, or PERSONALLY have the illnesses I do, I don't want your conspiracy theories (oh healthcare doesn't really want to take care of you etc or you'd be "fixed") or the "If you just ate differently or did xyz things would be fine".

I appreciate your concern, BUT you are not my doctor(s).  You are not me. It gets VERY exhausting hearing someone say "Oh but I heard on the news" or "Oh I read that blah blah is happening now" - which is great, but still like saying there is a cure for a great disease BUT there is still a process it has to go through (FDA trials etc,  filtering down through lawyerspeak, drug companies manufacturing enough, doctors actually putting their faith in something "just proven" and on).

I DO appreciate your advice, but sometimes when you're actually IN this position day in and day out it just gets seen as obnoxious like I'm not doing everything in my power to feel better. TRUST ME, I would literally take 5 years off my life if I knew I could be pain free for the next 25 years. No joke.

I'm just asking you to see things from the another point of view is what I'm getting at. Some things are a very simple fix. Multiple illnesses combined with one another is not one of them. Be understanding. Get better educated (Wikipedia is not necessarily "educated" since the sources aren't always valid- try actual scholarly sources). Be open minded. Realize you don't have the answers on how to "fix" everyone or everything. Be kind.

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