Saturday, December 14, 2013


I posted this on my Facebook, but thought I should put it up here too for future reference.

1. If there is a long line, have your payment ready, including coupons. MOST places don't let you use more than 1 coupon per transaction. NO we cannot do multiple transactions with a long line. Arguing with us doesn't help. If you need gift receipts tell us at the BEGINNING of the transaction, not AFTER you've paid.

2. If you have a lot of people shopping with you, please have them wait AWAY from the line. Having 4+ people in line just for one person's purchase makes the line longer for no necessary reason.

3. SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Retail workers are paid very little and have to put up with a lot.

4. Don't just throw things where you want because you're lazy. Employees have to find and return them to the right place, making them stay at work even later than they should.  AT LEAST take them to the front counter or nearest Customer Service.

5. SMILE. Seriously, it's the holidays. Going up to the register/employee and being an expressionless prick and just acting pissed off because we are REQUIRED to ask if you'll donate to whatever cause is going on is uncalled for. Make our jobs a little happier by being a decent human being to us.

6. If you're teaching your child the importance of money and having them pay their own way that's great. PLEASE be there in case they don't have enough OR need help counting a bit faster if there is a long line. Employees get fussed at by management if lines don't go down at a fairly decent pace.

7. PLEASE know what you're coming to shop for if you want to ask for assistance. In other words, don't walk into a bookstore and ask for help looking for a book but only know the color of it and that there is a person on the front (this seriously happened to me) and not know what it's about, the author or anything else.

8. KEEP YOUR KIDS UNDER CONTROL. Holidays are stressful for everyone, but letting them roam around and just continue on your regular conversation while they harass other people is incredibly rude.

9. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF about how employees look (or at least until you leave the store). Telling someone that they would "look nice if they had their tattoos removed" or you believe someone would "look great with a little more work put into their makeup" or "You can always get your tattoos removed" is atrocious. DID YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU THAT?? If nobody asks your opinion, then shut up.

10. Don't get all pissy if someone wishes you Merry Christmas and you don't celebrate it. Either way, they're telling you to have a happy day. It isn't like they're condemning you to hell by saying those words.

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