Saturday, October 26, 2013

Censorship EVERYWHERE.

So I've recently learned a hard lesson:

The people that should care about you don't always.
The people who you thought would come through, won't.
The people who advocate for you and cheer you on will eventually let you down at the one moment you think they won't.

This isn't being negative, it's being honest.

The reason people might let you down is because they have their own crap to deal with. Not everyone can focus on YOU ALL the time. It isn't how life works. It doesn't mean they care less or love you less. It means their priorities have changed (maybe they have a sick family member or a new child??) Give them a break until you know the entire story.

However, don't condemn people for NOT being like you. For not ACTING like you want them to. People all have a breaking point. They all have a moment in their life when they just snap.

Allowing someone to say what they want at that moment, may mean the world to them. LET THEM BE HEARD.

Stop judging so much. We live in a world where everything must be a certain way. Must sound "right" and be "politically correct" and on and on just because one soccer mom got a bit uptight because someone said something that might possibly resemble their child. Or one guy is a control freak and couldn't handle the fact that someone made a smart ass remark about something that might possibly resemble a trait he has/had.

Let go of the assumptions. Stop being so vain and thinking it's all about you. 

Hug someone who needs it. Stop being selfish and think of someone other than yourself for a week. Seriously- once per day, for a week.

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