Sunday, September 8, 2013

Starbucks and people watching

So I'm sitting here in Starbucks, officially avoiding homework (again) and just people watching. It's amazing to me how people interact with one another. I say "interesting" because the reason people usually come here isn't just for coffee. People don't come to Starbucks just for coffee. They come for a variety of different reasons:

1. To mingle with people they don't see often. It's the universal place to go see someone of the opposite sex without actually having a "date". OR it's the safest place to meet someone before seeing if you want to have a real date with them like dinner. You tell yourself "It's just coffee" and leave it at that. It's the place I know I go to see friends without my boyfriend having to worry and vice-verse. I guess it's "neutral territory" in a way.

2. To take their kids to a place other than the park/usual places and pretend they're doing the kid a favor. The only issue with this is that 99% of the time, kids are left unattended and annoy the crap out of the other patrons. No, you're "little angel" is not behaving behind your back while you gossip with a friend. This goes for dads and moms alike. The last time I experienced this was when a mother of 2 came in (and she was pregnant) and standing in line ordering. Her two children were roaming around trying to open bags of coffee beans, playing with the items in the cold-fridge-like-area for sale, trying to take the balloons, kicking each other and subsequently running into strangers trying to get away from one another. The mother was apparently completely unaware of this activity. Her husband met her out front and asked how the kids were. She replied: "They were perfect little angels as usual". Obliviousness does not mean things aren't going on dear. I truly believe people this unaware of life shouldn't have the ability to drive or vote.

3. To get away from your life and still pretend you're 'socializing' with other people. Don't be mad if this describes you, I do it too.

4. You're trying to study but still feel like you got out of the house.

5. You do your online shopping at another location so nobody finds out at home. (I do this too).

I also go to people watch and just observe where people "are". This means that I watch and try to figure out if they're happy with themselves, sad, what type of profession they do, what type of background they come from and so forth. I apparently also go to Starbucks to write. It's where I can just put my ear-buds in and tune out.

Why do you go to Starbucks?

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